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Why You Need Water Testing Before Installing a Treatment System

December 10th, 2018

water-softenerAccess to water is essential to keep things moving. In the body, water keeps your internal organs moving smoothly. Similarly, water is also needed to keep things in the home moving smoothly. Staying hydrated, bathing, laundry, and dishwashing are all tasks that we can accomplish with a clean water supply.

If that water supply becomes tainted, you need to take action. But it must first begin with a thorough water test. Here’s why:

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Signs it’s Time for Drain Cleaning

November 26th, 2018

water-running-down-drainWhen you have a drain clog, the signs are obvious… there’s really not much to say about a drain being clogged. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it before it happens.

In this post, we’ll go over some common signs that indicate you need the help of a drain cleaning expert in Oxnard, CA.

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Why Slab Leaks Need to Be Dealt With ASAP

November 12th, 2018

leak“It’s just a leak, what’s the worst that could happen?”

There are many DIY guides online about how to handle a simple leak. But if all leaks were so simple, you wouldn’t need the help of plumbers. The location of the leak makes all the difference.

In particular, we’re talking about slab leaks. These are a kind of leak that must be taken care of as soon as possible. We’ll explain why down below.

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What You Need to Know About Backflow Certification and Testing

October 29th, 2018

backflow-regulatorThe average property owner may not think much about how their water comes to them, other than knowing it comes from a municipal water system. But from the perspective of someone certified in backflow prevention, water makes its way to the sewage system as soon as it leaves your faucet.

At this point of the process, your water is at risk of backflow. That risk is severely mitigated, however, with the help of a certified backflow prevention professional. We’ll go into more details below.

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When Do Water Lines Need to Be Replaced?

October 15th, 2018

water-line-repairThe water line is the main source of water to your home. Without it, you wouldn’t have water routed to your home for use in your appliances or fixtures. Say goodbye to showers and washing the dishes!

Given that water lines hold a huge responsibility for your household, it would be terrible if they suddenly stopped functioning. The only option would be to have it replaced. So why, or when, would you need a replacement?

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What Do Cold and Hot Spots on My Floors Mean?

October 1st, 2018

blue-question-markLet’s say one day you’re walking across your kitchen floor, barefoot, and you notice that the floor is particularly cold in one spot (and we mean more than usual!)

Or, perhaps you’ve noticed that your dog or cat seems very particular about laying in one spot of the floor. When you put your hand on it, you feel that it’s quite warm.

You should never be feeling radical temperature differences beneath your floor. It’s the sure sign of a plumbing problem. In this case, it’s most likely a slab leak! Read on to find out what you can do.

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No Drain Cleaning or Unclogging Method Beats Hydro-Jetting

September 17th, 2018

drain-cleaning-illustrationHydro-jetting is the best method for cleaning and unclogging your drains. It’s that simple. If you don’t believe us, then consider the following:

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3 Ways to Keep Your Plumbing System in Good Shape

September 3rd, 2018

PlumberHave you had any plumbing problems recently? Or maybe you simply don’t want any plumbing problems to happen any time soon. Either way, the goal is to avoid having to call in a plumber. The best way to do that is by knowing how to keep your system in good shape. Below, we’ll go over a few methods on how to do just that.

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Why Do I Need A Water Softener?

August 19th, 2018

boy-drinking-water“After all, my water tastes as normal as it should. In fact, I don’t even really like the taste of water to begin with, I usually drink flavored waters.”

We can relate with that sentiment. But the taste of your water is actually one of the least compelling reasons to consider a softener. Water softeners are an investment that can save you thousands in plumbing expenses (and yes, they can even make your water healthier and tastier).

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Simple Plumbing Problems Gone Wrong

August 6th, 2018

close-up-of-plumbing-leakMost of us know a plumbing problem when we see one. The leaky faucet or the clogged sink are some of the staples of modern plumbing problems. Everyone encounters these problems, and they’re not a big deal if taken care of early.

At the same time, even the most common and innocuous plumbing problems can become an emergency if they appear in the wrong place. In this post, we’ll go over two big examples.

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