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Signs it’s Time for Drain Cleaning

water-running-down-drainWhen you have a drain clog, the signs are obvious… there’s really not much to say about a drain being clogged. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it before it happens.

In this post, we’ll go over some common signs that indicate you need the help of a drain cleaning expert in Oxnard, CA.

Gurgling Sounds

If you begin to hear the sound of gurgling when using your bathtub or sink, it’s often an indication that your drain has collected too much dirt and grease. This obstruction can create air bubbles, thus leading to the gurgling noise that you’re hearing. When the drain is clean, the water and air can freely move down the drain without any extra noises.

Something Smells… Wrong

It’s true that your bathroom might be the home to some unpleasant smells, but what about after simply using the shower or the sink? That’s not normal. And in the kitchen, that problem would be even worse, given the drain’s proximity to utensils and food.

If your drains are emitting some bad smells, it could be a couple of things

Biofilm: A toxic bacterium that can be toxic. Sinks happen to be excellent environments for the growth of bacterial colonies.

Sewage Gas: Methane from the sewage line could be wafting up through the drains and into your home. Continued exposure can be harmful, so don’t try to ignore this one by closing the door.

If the problem is coming from the bathtub it’s possible that the drain cover, itself, has gotten dirty and began growing mold. Although equally disgusting, this is actually something you can handle without the help of a drain cleaner.

Slow Draining Drains

Another sign to look out for is when the water takes longer to drain. We often see this in the shower after too much hair has built up inside the drain, but it’s just as likely to happen in your sinks. At this point, the drains are close to forming a clog. Thorough drain cleaning can help knock it out before a complete clog forms.

Calling in for Clogs, Again

Did you just have a clog cleared recently, and now you’re calling in for another one?

Clogs are the symptoms of the main problem: the dirty drain. As long as your drain is still full of dirt and grease, it will still remain at risk for developing clogs.

Drain cleaning requires the use of professional tools, such as hydro-jets. These devices blast hot, highly-pressurized streams of water into the drains, thus clearing out any clogs while washing them at the same time. Unlike chemical drain cleaners—which are corrosive to your pipes—hydro-jetting is a natural and safe method of drain cleaning.

Not Just One, But Several Drains Clogged

Are you finding that multiple fixtures, in various parts of the home, are all having trouble with slow draining or full-on clogs? While it’s certainly possible that all of those drains need cleaning, the more likely answer is that you’re having a clog in your sewer line. The best thing you can do for yourself at that point is to call in a professional.

Don’t skip out on drain cleaning! Contact Evans Plumbing Inc today.


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