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Are Your Drains Clogged? Here’s How You Can Tell

As you might already know, homeowners are often clued into a clogged drain when it’s too late. These issues usually come up when you’d least like them to, either when you have company over or some intense pan washing to do in your sink.

Let’s get one thing clear: if you’ve got a massive back up of food waste, hair, or anything else that’s keeping your pipes from functioning clearlyit’s always a good idea to contact one of our technicians for drain cleaning in Moorpark, CA. That being said, there’s a substantial difference between a kitchen sink that’s just taking a while to drain and a seriously clogged drain. The latter could prove a real threat to your plumbing system, as well as become a mess to clean up later.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

So, how can you tell if your drain is starting to clog? (Before it’s overflowing all over your kitchen of course.)

  • Bad Smell. Food waste that’s been sitting in your drain for longer than it should often produces a pretty bad odor. If your kitchen has a rotten smell even after a thorough cleaning, your drain could be clogged.
  • Flies and Pests. Speaking of that bad smell, critters love the food waste we get rid of. If you’ve noticed an invasion of drain flies or mice, your drains could be clogging up.
  • Slow Draining. Does it take forever for your sink to empty of dirty dishwater? Well, it shouldn’t. This could be a clear sign of something plugging your drain.

How Did This Happen?

While drains aren’t necessarily supposed to clog, these types of kitchen mishaps happen all the time. Most drains contain a trap underneath the sink or shower, known as a P-trap. This P-trap, named appropriately since it looks like a sideways letter P, holds a small amount of water that acts as a blockage to prevent sewer gas from retreating up through the pipe and into your house. These P-traps are a typical place for unwanted food waste or hair to stick around and reduce water flow. Not only that, but if this goes on for too long, that sewer gas will erupt into your home and stink up your living space!

Home Solutions

There are various at-home solutions to try on your drain when you suspect it’s clogging. Using a plunger or drain snake can be an effective way of removing hair or solid food waste from your pipes. Chemical solutions can be used, however, most plumbers would advise against them for their high toxicity and the harm they can cause to the environment. See if you can find any environmentally friendly drain cleaners at your local grocery store.

However, these drain problems can become a significant issue when untreated. If you’re finding that no matter what home solution you try, you’re having trouble unclogging your drain- seek the help of one of our trusted professionals.

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