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What Kinds of Plumbing Issues are Emergencies?

woman-mopping-waterHave you ever had to phone in an emergency to 911 before? Chances are, you knew exactly why you were calling and made the problem clear to the dispatcher.

In the world of plumbing, there are emergencies, too. However, since those emergencies aren’t on the same level as a 911 emergency, we’re naturally hesitant to make the call. Maybe you’re afraid that your problem isn’t truly an emergency and could be wasting people’s time. Or, you don’t want to incur any extra fees for a minor problem.

We understand your concern. In this post, we’ll go over three categories of plumbing emergencies so you can alleviate any doubts of using a 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Absolute Disasters

These are the kind of emergencies that are “common-sense” emergencies. But to make that entirely clear, what we mean by that is any emergency that:

  • Has caused or will continue to cause damage to your property.
  • Has the potential to injure or endanger someone.
  • Cannot be stopped without the help of a plumber.

The incident only needs to have one of those traits to be considered an emergency plumbing situation. Some of the specific problems that might create an emergency are:

  • Slab leaks
  • Sewage line burst
  • Burst water pipes
  • Gas leaks

Don’t hesitate to call up an emergency plumbing in Ventura, CA during any such emergency. If you’re not sure that your problem truly requires emergency plumbing services, you can find out over the phone at the very least.

Ruins Your Quality of Life

These are the emergencies that are a bit more subjective. While they don’t necessarily have to be causing utter destruction to your home, you can think of them as plumbing problems that force you to change your lifestyle because of them.

For example, issues with the main water line will stop potable water from entering your home. That means no showers, no laundry, no washing dishes, no drinking water. Depending on the circumstances, one person might be completely fine with waiting for service—maybe they’ll stay at a relative’s house. But for those in a busy household with plenty of children to care for, waiting for service might be far from acceptable.

Any plumbing emergency that threatens your way of life, whether it’s for medical reasons or personal reasons, is an emergency all the same. Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber and see how they can help.


While the “absolute disaster” kind of emergency certainly applies whether you’re at home or at work, there’s also the kind of emergencies that directly inhibit productivity and ability to run your business.

Time is a big element in this. For example, if your restaurant’s three-well sink suddenly gets clogged during the lunch hour, that will inhibit your ability to clean dishes and could potentially force everything to come to a halt. Likewise, grease traps that get clogged with grease can cause similar issues.

In an office or non-restaurant setting, you may have to deal with bathrooms that stop working. While a clog at home is nothing to get too excited about, a clog in the workplace can be distracting, unsanitary, and even a detriment to productivity if there are no other available restrooms.

If your plumbing problem in the workplace can’t wait, make sure you tell the plumber that you’re requesting emergency services. They should be able to have someone on hand to check out the situation right away.

If you have an emergency, contact Evans Plumbing Inc right away. Evans Plumbing At Your Door!

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