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Leak Detection Services in Camarillo, CA

Among the most common plumbing problems in your Camarillo, CA home is a water leak: a simple breach or opening in your pipes that allows water to spread into the surrounding environment. It’s been a problem with plumbing systems since plumbing was invented, and unfortunately, it can still be surprisingly damaging if you don’t treat it swiftly.

Thankfully, you have a reliable plumbing contractor here in Camarillo, CA that knows how to fix a leak the right way. We’ll repair the damaged pipe or fixture properly, and we won’t stop until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Call our team today to schedule leak detection services in Camarillo, CA and the surrounding area: Evans Plumbing at your door!

The Problem with Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks are nothing new, and everyone knows that there’s a problem when they wake up to find water running across the kitchen of bathroom floor in their Camarillo, CA home. Unfortunately, not all leaks are so obvious. Many take place inside your walls or in other hidden space, where you might not notice the problem. It could be weeks or even months before the leak is detected, during which time, the water may have caused all kinds of damage.

It pays for the homeowner to learn to spot the signs of a water leak, then shut the water off and call a repair service. Such signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sounds of dripping or running water with no apparent source.
  • Soft spots in your floor, walls or ceiling.
  • An increase in mold growth, especially in places where you don’t normally see mold.
  • Drops in the water pressure of affected outlets.
  • Hot spots or cold spots in the affected area.

Plumbing Repairs Start with Detection

Once a professional is called in to fix a leak, he or she needs to be able to pinpoint the source of it. A few years ago, that usually meant educated guesswork and a bit of luck. Thankfully, modern technology has made the process much easier. Seismic detectors and video pipe inspection give the technician exceptional accuracy, not only in pinpointing the source of the leak, but in determining its cause as well.

That’s a key part of fixing a leak — extended corrosion, for instance, requires a much different approach than a single spot of sudden damage — which is why our team takes leak detection so seriously. With the information provided by leak detection, we can go about repairs with confidence and speed.

We Handle Leak Repairs the Right Way Every Time

When it comes to something like water leaks, every plumber needs to be able to conduct repairs competently. At Evans Plumbing Inc, however, we believe in going above and beyond, especially with such a fundamental operation.

That’s why we back our work up with a solemn promise that the repairs aren’t complete until you are completely satisfied, and stand by our work so that the same problem doesn’t crop up again a few weeks or months down the line. Leak repairs can be quite damaging if you let them, which is why we take them as seriously as we do larger operations! Evans Plumbing Inc provides 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs, so in the event that the leak will damage your home call us right away!

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