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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Camarillo, CA

You may have heard the term “slab leak” before, in reference to someone’s plumbing. It’s one of the most serious problems your Camarillo, CA home may face. In and of itself, it’s no different from any other leaking pipe. But a slab leak comes from a pipe buried under the concrete foundation of your home, and can affect anything from your porch to your living room or kitchen area.

That provides serious logistical problems, as well as the possibility or serious damage to your home. Luckily, the trained team at Evans Plumbing Inc is ready to go with slab leak services throughout Camarillo, CA. If you suspect a slab leak in your home, pick up the phone and call us today. Contact our team to hire a plumber in Camarillo, CA and the surrounding area: Evans Plumbing at your door!

Why are Slab Leaks So Much Trouble?

Any leak can cause serious damage if it goes undetected for too long. Water can be surprisingly powerful, and even normal leaks can damage your walls and floors in a matter of days.

A slab leak is much harder to detect since the affected pipe is buried in or beneath concrete. That means it could be months or even years before it’s noticed. During that time, it can cause cracks to form in the cement, damaging the very foundation of your Camarillo, CA home.

How Do You Spot Plumbing Leaks?

As you may imagine, slab leak detection needs to take place as quickly as possible to let you get a handle on the problem, and because the leak is literally hidden beneath concrete, you need to look for more subtle signs of a problem. Such signs can include the following:

  • Hot spots or cold spots on the concrete above the leak.
  • Sounds of dripping or running water with no apparent source.
  • Puddles forming around the foundation of the house, again with no apparent source.
  • Sudden drops in water pressure to the affected outlet.
  • Spikes in your monthly water bills with no attendant rise in water use.
  • Cracks appearing in the concrete.

If you spot these signs, shut the water off to your home and call in a slab leak repair company immediately.

What Can Be Done?

The technician begins any operation with more formal slab leak detection: designed to pinpoint the source of the issue and determine the extent of the damage. Once that’s happened, the technician can go over your options with you and suggest a course of action. That action will depend on the specifics of your house and the exact nature of the slab leak.

Ideally, the damage isn’t extensive, which means that slab leak repair won’t involve digging into the concrete. The technician can simply shut off water to the affected pipe and run a new length of pipe around the concrete: solving the problem and preventing the threat of further slab leaks. If that isn’t possible, then the technician can dig into the concrete to locate the source of the problem, and re–pour it when it’s done. Either way, it always pays to have a trained, experienced team on your side!

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