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Water Treatment Systems & Service in Camarillo, CA

The civic water system in Camarillo, CA does a good job of ensuring that our water is clean and potable. But your home might want a little more in that department, either because a member of your family has particular sensitivities, or because there’s a specific issue to your home’s water system that you need resolved.

A water treatment system installed by the Camarillo plumbers at Evans Plumbing Inc could be exactly what you require to get the issue resolved. Whether you need a reverse osmosis system to help filter out impurities, or a UV germicidal light to kill bacteria in the water, we provide quality installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. Call on our team today to discuss your options. Schedule water treatment services throughout the Camarillo, CA area: Evans Plumbing at your door!

It Starts with Water Testing

If you’re not certain what’s in the water in your Camarillo, CA home, a water quality testing service could be the optimal way to find out. If you get your water from a private source, such as a well, water testing is even more important. It will help pinpoint the presence of any contaminants, as well as the possible need for a whole house water filter, water softener system, or similar type of home water filtration system.

We perform quality water testing on homes and businesses throughout the area, and stand by the accuracy of our findings. With that information in hand, you can then install the right whole house water filtration system to meet your needs!

Whole–Home Water Filtration Systems

Whole house water filtration systems can entail a number of different products, some of which are designed with very specific goals in mind. A reverse osmosis system, for example, is a good all–around means of keeping your water clean, while those concerned about germs and biological contaminants in their water should look into UV water treatment with a UV purification system.

Your whole house water filter needs to match your specific needs, which is why we work with you before installing an ultraviolet water purifier, reverse osmosis system, or similar system to help keep your water safe! We perform quality installation, repair, replacement and maintenance sessions on home water filtration systems of all varieties, so count on us to get the job done!

Water Softeners Improve Your Quality of Life

Hard water is a problem, in our neck of the woods. There’s nothing inherently harmful about it: it’s just water with an excessive mineral content, such as calcium or magnesium, which can be safely consumed by the human body. But hard water can affect your quality of life: creating crusty white build–up on your fixtures and giving water a weird metallic taste as well as causing laundered clothes to wear out more quickly.

A water softener system is the best way to treat hard water problems in your home. Here at Evans Plumbing Inc, we provide installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services for a variety of whole house water softeners. Call us today to discuss your options!

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